It’s That Time Of Year!

Posted on Dec 1 2015 - 10:48pm by teacupsandnotes

It’s That Time Of year….for me to move!!

While I’d love to be posting all about Christmas and all those things I love, I am in fact moving this month and before Christmas!

I mentioned it in a previous post but didn’t say too much at the time. It has been happening and we decided to have a house built in Washington! It is time that we settle down and grow some roots and finally be home owners instead of renters. I am so ready for this next chapter in our life.

I don’t really recommend moving during the holidays, especially if  it is your most favorite time of the year! It came down to it being the best time overall to get there and get settled in. So I look forward to next Christmas and decorating our very own home!

The movers/packers will be here before we know it and it will just all snowball and I hope… did I say HOPE it all goes as planned. So far things have been going quite well, especially since we had a house built from afar and have timelines and just so much going on.

I know everyone feels I should be upset and demand that I stay in Hawaii, that I did not get enough time here, less than 2 years…1.5 years to be exact. It’s ok though. Really. In all honesty, I was upset, very upset because when the conversation started we had not even been living here for 1 year.

His Command is being permanently moved to Whidbey Island, so we were leaving one way or another. I have to be honest, I am over the sun and hot. It was fun for a while and then it started to become not so fun. Then with deciding to have a house built, my sad turned into glad and excitement to move.

It’s been a long time coming, wanting to settle down and grow some roots, some where. He will be retiring in few years time and everything just seemed right. While I will miss some things about Hawaii, I won’t be sad. I experienced some wonderful things here and I am very grateful for the time I did have but realized moving on is good too.

I am really looking forward to not sharing walls or yards..something I’ve dealt with for the last almost 15 years. I am really looking forward to a fenced in yard for my fur babies! Zoey briefly got to enjoy a yard, many years ago when she was a baby and Cecilia has never had the joy of running free in a yard.

Our home is beautiful! It’s a 3 story house, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 car garage, fenced in backyard. I will share pictures once we get there! I can not even believe it is December 1st already! I really hope everyone of you has a happy, blessed Christmas filled with lots of love and joy!

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  1. Ronald Shrum December 2, 2015 at 12:31 am - Reply

    Really Excited for you guys! We love you cannot wait to come and visit

  2. Marilyn Wilmot December 2, 2015 at 4:10 am - Reply

    I am so very happy for both of you, it is a very special time. I remember our house being built it was so exciting. May you have a wonderful Christmas.

    • teacupsandnotes
      December 2, 2015 at 5:22 am - Reply

      Thank you Aunt Mal! I love this time of year, sad that we won’t be able to decorate for it this year but it will be a lot of fun next year, decorating our very own place! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas too!!
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