Have a Tea-riffic New Year

Posted on Jan 1 2017 - 6:42pm by teacupsandnotes

Another year over and a new one’s just begun!

We’ve been living in Washington State now for 1 year. Well..I have but not my husband. He was gone for 9 months of 2016 and about to leave again for the beginning of 2017. It has put a damper on the start of the new year for me but, life goes on.

Guess I will be doing more reflecting on the year passed in this post, it’s been a while since I last posted and I apologize. This past year really was not the happiest, it never gets easier being apart…for any length of time. Well, if it was for a couple weeks…I could easily live with that.

I love our home. Became really good friends with neighbors and for that, I am grateful. They really helped me through the 9 months he was gone.

In the short time he’s been home we have kept busy, trying to play catch up and fit all kinds of things into limited time. We added a furbaby to our family before Thanksgiving! His name is Gus and he is a pure bred Yorkshire Terrier, the cutest ever too.

I’ve been slowly re-growing my tea collection as I wasn’t able to take any of it with me when we moved from Hawaii. That was sad, I had a lot of different teas and loved them all. I have several teas I got on one of my trips down to Seattle and also from Tacoma. I will most likely write separate posts and what I got in each trip.

I love it here, I really do. I just wish this year was starting differently but that’s life. Many of you out there understand and deal with the separations just as I do. I think it is bothering me more so than usual because of him being gone almost all last year and I was hoping to have him here through this one.

I hope you had a fun New Years Eve! We had a lot of fun just being together, making every last minute count. We played board games, sang karaoke, took a walk in the fresh falling snow, made a snowman together. We were out in the snow when the new year came, it was beautiful, snow falling and fireworks going off in every which direction and there was us, kissing.

Happy New Year

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