Hase Park Botan (Peony) Festival In Nanbu Town, Japan

Posted on Jun 10 2014 - 4:48pm by teacupsandnotes

Since moving to Japan, I have done more adventuring on my Birthdays! Cake, ice cream & presents are wonderful but finding and seeing new things brings much peace and joy to my heart! This was my last birthday to celebrate here in Japan so this Peony Festival was the first stop of my day.

It was not a particularly beautiful day, in fact it was quite overcast and kind of muggy. I prefer this over what the alternative was supposed to be, rain. For those of you wondering this festival takes place from usually late May to very early June. We went on May 25th.

It was a nice drive out there, especially heading up into the mountains, so much beauty to see and experience! Free parking and only 300Y to walk amongst the Peony’s. Breathtaking views from just about everywhere there. It is a very small festival but there is of course Japanese food if you are hungry and there are drink vending machines everywhere.

There were children as well as very elderly people there, so it is for all ages. Mind you there are some areas that are a little steep, so just keep that in mind. I would not recommend any kind of stroller, I would just pack the kid on your back if possible. There is also a Shrine and a several mile hike right near by for those interested.

We were there maybe a little over and hour. There will still many Peony’s that had not bloomed but it was still perfectly beautiful. If you have not seen a Peony in person, they are massive when fully bloomed, like the size of your open hand! My favorites were the yellow and white ones but they were all stunning.

I will post the directions at the end, after all the photos! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me in the comments or Contact Me.

The directions start from Misawa Air Force Base, Misawa Japan:

Come out from the main gate and turn right at the second stop light. Follow the road and pass 7 stop lights. You will find Misawa Train station on your left. Here you will be on Route 10. Follow Route 10 (South) and pass the first light (you will see the toll road). At the second light you will turn a slight left. At the fourth light turn right (You will see a Lawson’s).

Stay on Rt. 10 until the Towada by-pass overpass. (Route 4).

Turn right onto the on ramp and then turn right again at the T-intersection. Follow Route 4 (south). At the fork, veer right. (you will see Towada Aeon Shopping Center at the next light).

Continue on Route 4 south. Turn left onto route 224 East.

Follow 224 until the first light. Turn a SHARP RIGHT onto route 134 (South).

Follow Route 134 and turn left at first turn.

Follow this road south until a 4 way intersection and turn left.

take the first left after the intersection and go straight for the park.

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  1. Shannon W. June 21, 2014 at 10:40 pm - Reply

    How beautiful! I love all the pretty flowers. This area looks very peaceful and relaxing.
    Shannon W. recently posted…Camera Critters: Bunny WatcherMy Profile

    • teacupsandnotes
      July 7, 2014 at 10:23 pm - Reply

      Visiting here made my birthday even more fantastic and left me with more great memories of Japan as we get ready to leave here. It was so beautiful and peaceful and relaxing!
      teacupsandnotes recently posted…Last Day In JapanMy Profile

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