Happy Fall Y’all!

Posted on Oct 1 2015 - 9:42pm by teacupsandnotes

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It is so hard to believe that it is actually October! Time here in Hawaii has flown by.

Is it starting to get cooler where you live? Is fall in the air or are you like me…warm or hot all year long. It seems to be unusually warm for this time of year here. It should be getting a bit cooler during the day and night but not so much.

I really miss seasons and just being comfortable weather wise all year long. It’s been a very long time since I’ve experienced that though, the perfect balance of temperatures all year round. We’ve now been in Hawaii for 1 year 3 months.

6 months ago I would’ve told you it has not been a long enough amount of time spent in Hawaii. Now, I am happy we have to leave the Island early. Yes, you heard that right. Our time in Hawaii is being cut short by quite a bit.

We’ve known for a bit but have not spoken out about it till recently. The US Navy is moving several Commands here in Hawaii to a new permanent duty station which will be Whidbey Island, WA. So we got lucky being one of those Commands. I was very upset at first and now I am just ready to be gone.

Currently the plan in talks is having a house built, but of course it is all up in the air and nothing set in stone as of yet, just a lot of talking and trying to plan every day as the time draws closer for us to actually have to move. We are hoping to be moved there by mid December, very early January. So time is running short.

It was super busy around here in the summer. I had some of my family come and visit for 2 months and so we were all over the Island. Most time I have spent at the beaches and in the sun, consecutive days or shall I say weeks in a row! I got some of the worst sunburns I have ever gotten in my life. Yes, sunscreen was used but didn’t seem to help whatsoever.

Been very active hurricane season around here, luckily they have all been misses for us, at least for direct hits but we sure have gotten tons of rain, flash flooding and even a small tsunami came our way a few weeks back from that terrible earthquake in Chile. That was scary and I NEVER want to experience that again. Which is odd because living in Japan for 3 years with earthquakes daily and constant tsunami warnings never scared me this much.

I’ve been getting back into baking and trying to bake several times a week, no matter how hot or humid it is here, it makes me happy and brings me joy and peace. If you are interested, you can visit my website: I’m At Home Baking . You will find recipes and pictures there. It is fall time, even if it is warm here and I have been baking pies galore so far!

I know I’ve been horrible about keeping this blog updated. I am hoping I have turned a corner and will be more active with it. To be honest, since moving here to Hawaii I have had almost zero motivation to blog, as you can tell…but it’s not because I am all over the Island and at the beaches all day long. Oddly, living here has just been so uninspiring, if you can believe that! I know. I dreamed of living here since I was a kid. I figured there would be tons to blog about all the time but really everything is exactly the same, once you have been somewhere one time, not much changes aside from the colors of the water and whatnot. Which takes my breath away every single time, the beauty here is unreal but when it comes to blogging it, it just seems so boring. I am sorry if you can’t understand that. Hard for me to really express I suppose.

So, I am going to try and blog more, it will be a lot of house and moving talk though since that is the center of my life right now, the time is ticking down and coming close.

So, Happy Fall Y’all!!!!

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